Co-host provides full management of your listing and is focused on providing the best experience for the home-owner and short term-renters. Co-host manages short term accommodation full-time, and therefore has the experience and commitment to ensure your listing is generating good returns.

Full management is a combination of ensuring that your listing is performing online and on-site.

Co-host offers a Meet & Greet service which provides peace of mind for both home owner and guest/renter. The home owner can rest assured that guests have received instructions on the proper use of various equipment and amenities. For the guests it is helpful to know that there is someone in the ‘physical’ that can provide support when or if needed. Co-host prides itself on friendly and efficient Meet & Greets.

  • Create listing

  • Set Calendar & Pricing

  • Continued monitoring of pricing

  • Communicate with guests

  • Handle reservations

  • Welcome guests in person

  • Respond to guest issues

  • Review guests

  • Restock essential supplies

  • Prepare home for guests

  • Coordinate cleaning & linens

  • Coordinate maintenance